Lateral Solid Wood Filing Cabinets

Addison Blaze
11 min readJun 18, 2024


Organize your important documents with style and sophistication using Lateral Solid Wood Filing Cabinets. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these stylish and practical storage solutions, exploring various designs and features to help you make the best choice for your space.

The Top 7 Best Lateral Solid Wood Filing Cabinets

  1. Mango Industrial Lateral Modular Storage File — West Elm — Organize your office with style and sustainability with the richly-grained Industrial Lateral Modular Storage File, featuring adjustable filing bars, metal glides, and a unique solid mango wood design, all while supporting sustainable harvesting methods.
  2. Simple Living Margo Lateral Filing Cabinet — Stylish Antique White — Organize your home office with style and sophistication, featuring the Margo 2-Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet’s Mid-Century design, antique white finish, and generous storage space for all your important documents and records.
  3. AGHDECO Walnut Lateral Filing Cabinet (2 Drawers) — Effortlessly organize your office essentials with the AGHDECO Oliwia 2-Drawer Walnut Lateral Filing Cabinet, featuring sturdy construction, easy assembly, and a classic coastal farmhouse design.
  4. Realspace Koru 23.5 in x 17.5 in Lateral 2-Drawer Oak Filing Cabinet — The Natural Oak Realspace Koru Lateral 2-Drawer File Cabinet provides a visually appealing and durable organization solution for your workspace, featuring full-extension drawers for easy access.
  5. Grand Walnut Mid-Century Modern Lateral Filing Cabinet — Organize your office in style with the Sauder Clifford Place Grand Walnut Lateral File, featuring Mid Century Modern design, easy access drawers, and safety mechanisms for maximum functionality and security.
  6. YITAHOME Stylish Wood Lateral Filing Cabinet — 2 Drawer Mobile Storage — Organize your office files and supplies with the YITAHOME Wood Lateral File Cabinet, featuring lockable drawers, multiple storage spaces, and a durable, sturdy design.
  7. Walnut Saint Birch Bombay 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet — Organize your documents effortlessly with the Saint Birch Bombay Walnut Filing Cabinet, boasting advanced functionality, a sleek design, and spacious storage in a rich walnut finish.

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Mango Industrial Lateral Modular Storage File — West Elm


Our experience with the Industrial (32") Lateral Modular Storage File from West Elm has been nothing short of impressive. Crafted from top-notch richly-grained solid mango wood, each piece is truly a unique masterpiece, showcasing beautiful variations in color and wood grain. The file cabinet boasts two sturdy drawers, gliding smoothly on metal runners, allowing easy access to the stored documents. The bottom drawer dedicated to letter and legal files, and it can be adjusted for comfortable organization with adjustable file bars.

The design aesthetics are further complemented by the blackened steel frames and legs, giving it a modern industrial feel that seamlessly fits in any office space. An added bonus is that the mango wood used for this product is sustainably sourced from trees that no longer produce fruit, contributing positively to our environment.

Simple Living Margo Lateral Filing Cabinet — Stylish Antique White


Organize your office space with the stylish Mid-Century design of the Margo Lateral Filing Cabinet. This 2-drawer cabinet is equipped with two spacious drawers that accommodate hanging folders for all your important files and records.

The attractive antique white finish pairs beautifully with the gold-tone metal handles and leg brackets, adding a touch of sophistication to any workspace. While some users may find assembly a bit challenging, the cabinet’s sturdy build and excellent craftsmanship make it a worthwhile investment for your home office.

AGHDECO Walnut Lateral Filing Cabinet (2 Drawers)


I recently purchased the AGHDECO Oliwia filing cabinet for my home office, and let me tell you, it has been a game changer! The sturdy MDF and Walnut finish give it a classic look that perfectly complements my desk. But what really stands out is its functionality — the full-extension roller glides make access to my hanging files a breeze, and the three open, adjustable shelves provide plenty of space for displaying stationery and other essentials.

Assembling the cabinet was a breeze, despite the minor hiccup with one of the drawer pieces. The aged brass-finished handles and frame molding add a touch of class to the vertical design. It’s not the most sturdy option on the market, but for my needs, it does the job well. Overall, I’m delighted with my purchase, and it’s definitely been a valuable addition to my home office setup.

Realspace Koru 23.5 in x 17.5 in Lateral 2-Drawer Oak Filing Cabinet


The Realspace Koru File Cabinet is a stylish addition to any workspace. Boasting full-extension lateral drawers, this cabinet features an attractive natural oak finish. Made of engineered wood and featuring ball-bearing slides, this model is durable and long-lasting.

It conveniently accepts letter and legal-sized files and includes levelers for stability. The Koru is a must-have for those seeking both organization and style in their office space.

Grand Walnut Mid-Century Modern Lateral Filing Cabinet


As someone who constantly deals with paperwork, I was excited to try out the Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File. Firstly, the Grand Walnut color is exquisite and adds a touch of elegance to any office setup. The drawers slide in and out with ease, thanks to their full extension slides. However, I noticed that they only support letter or legal-sized hanging files, which can be limiting for some users.

One feature that stood out to me was the safety mechanism that prevents more than one drawer from being opened at a time. This ensures that all files remain secure and organized. The grommet hole and pass-through for cord management are thoughtful additions that make it convenient to keep cords untangled.

However, the assembly process was quite challenging. With so many screws and parts, it took me almost 4 hours to finish on my own. The instructions were clear, but the assembly itself was quite tedious. Additionally, I found that the top appeared to have a thin veneer that may not be as durable as I had hoped.

Overall, the Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File is an attractive and functional addition to any office, provided you’re willing to put in some effort for assembly. Its sturdy construction and Mid-Century Modern style make it a worthy investment, but be aware that it may require some extra time and patience during setup.

YITAHOME Stylish Wood Lateral Filing Cabinet — 2 Drawer Mobile Storage


I have incorporated the YITAHOME Wood Lateral File Cabinet into my personal storage solution for my office. The portable side-by-side cabinet boasts two generously sized drawers that glide effortlessly, providing hassle-free access to my files. The top drawer, which can securely lock, affords me the reassurance to store critical reports and folders safely.

This cabinet isn’t simply functional, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any setting with its open storage compartments and drawer arrangement. Its adaptability allows it to be positioned either beside or underneath a desk, making it an ideal addition to any workspace. The ample storage space provided by the desktop, top shelves, and drawers enables me to maintain a well-organized and easily accessible filing system.

The bottom cabinet and shelf offer additional space to accommodate larger items, and the incorporation of 5 robust casters, 2 of which are lockable, ensures effortless movement of the cabinet without causing any damage to the floor. This wood file cabinet, distinguished by its robust construction and elegant melamine finish, has exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and water and scratch resistance.

Although the cabinet is perfectly suitable for accommodating files, it should be noted that it is unsuitable for hanging files. Nevertheless, the overall user experience of the YITAHOME Wood Lateral File Cabinet has been outstanding, and I am pleased to have this reliable piece in my home office.

Walnut Saint Birch Bombay 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet


The Saint Birch Bombay 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet in a warm walnut finish stands out as a stylish yet practical addition to any home office. With two lateral file drawers providing ample space to organize documents and paperwork, this cabinet boasts a minimalist-modern design that could easily be mistaken for a side table. The laminate surfaces are easy to maintain, and the bombay walnut finish features rich wood grain details to complement any contemporary or industrial decor.

Measuring 8.47 inches in height, 24.41 inches in length, and 35.83 inches in width, this slim yet spacious file cabinet comes with two fully extending A3/A4-capacity drawers for storing all your essential office items. Its sturdy black steel cup handles and industrial-feel legs enhance the overall aesthetic, making it a functional and visually appealing choice for your workspace.

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for lateral solid wood filing cabinets, consider the following aspects to ensure you find a functional and attractive piece that meets your needs. This buyer’s guide will provide you with essential information to help you make an informed decision.


Lateral solid wood filing cabinets are often made from high-quality hardwoods like oak, maple, or cherry. Hardwood cabinets are more durable and resistant to damage and wear. They also provide a natural and timeless look that complements most office or home environments. However, solid wood cabinetry can be more expensive compared to particleboard or MDF alternatives.


Lateral filing cabinets come in various sizes and depths, suitable for different storage needs. Consider the dimensions of the cabinet to ensure it fits your available space, and that it can accommodate the files or documents you need to store. Measure your storage area and compare it with the potential cabinet’s dimensions before making a purchase.


The number of drawers, their size, and organizational features can affect the functionality of the lateral filing cabinet. Some models may have multiple drawers, while others might have deeper, fewer drawers. Look for cabinets that offer adjustable or configurable drawer configurations to accommodate diverse storage requirements. Drawer dividers, pullout shelves, or file folders can help maintain order and accessibility.

Design and Finish

Lateral filing cabinets not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your workspace or home. Consider the design features such as whether the cabinet has a sleek, minimalist appearance or features decorative details like handles, trim, or molding. Select a finish that suits your taste and complements your existing furniture and décor. Be aware that some finishes may require more maintenance or have a higher risk of scratching compared to others.


What are slide-in filing cabinets made of solid wood?

Slide-in filing cabinets made of solid wood are a type of filing cabinet crafted from sturdy and reliable wood materials. These cabinets boast a unique lateral design, which enables them to open and close using either a sliding or hinged mechanism. This design not only makes the cabinets appealing but also allows for easy access to files and documents. Due to their durability, style, and elegance, these filing cabinets are a popular choice for both residential and commercial use.

The solid wood construction ensures that these cabinets are robust and long-lasting. Additionally, the natural grain and color of the wood offer a distinct and alluring appearance that can complement any interior design. Some models may also include additional features such as locks, customizable shelving, or color options, catering to an array of preferences and requirements.

What are the benefits of owning a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood?

Owning a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood comes with numerous advantages. First and foremost, these cabinets provide exceptional durability due to their sturdy construction. As a result, your files remain well protected for years to come. Secondly, the aesthetic appeal of solid wood cabinets is unparalleled, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space.

Another advantage is the storage capacity. In most cases, slide-in filing cabinets made of solid wood come equipped with adjustable shelving, allowing you to customize the interior to suit your specific needs. This enables you to organize your files more efficiently and provides ample storage for your documents. Lastly, these cabinets often include locking mechanisms, ensuring that your files remain secure and private.

How can I choose the right size slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood for my needs?

Selecting the perfect slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood for your requirements is crucial. Before making a purchase, measure the available space in your room, noting the width, depth, and height. This will help you determine which cabinet best fits the dimensions of your designated storage area, while also allowing for adequate breathing space around the cabinet.

Additionally, consider the number of files you need to store and the shelving requirements. Some cabinets may have fixed shelves, while others feature adjustable ones. If you require different shelving arrangements or a combination of drawers and shelves, choose a model that provides flexibility in storage configuration.

What are some factors to consider when buying a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood?

When purchasing a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood, consider these factors to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Storage space
  • Design and style
  • Locking mechanisms (if desired)
  • Materials used
  • Brand reputation for quality and durability

Reviewing customer reviews and testimonials, comparing prices, and considering after-sales support from the manufacturer can also aid in making an informed decision. By researching and comparing various options, you can ensure that you find the best slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood for your needs and budget.

What are the maintenance and cleaning requirements for a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood?

To extend the lifespan and maintain the appearance of a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Regularly dust and wipe the cabinet surface with a soft, damp cloth.
  • For deeper cleaning, use a mild wood cleaner applied with a soft cloth, avoiding any sealants or coatings on the wood. Use the cleaner in the direction of the wood grain.
  • If any scratches or damage appears, use a wood filler to repair the issue.
  • For refinishing the wood, consult with a professional carpenter.
  • Regularly inspect and tighten drawer pulls or locks to extend the cabinet’s lifespan.

What is the expected lifespan of a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood?

The lifespan of a slide-in filing cabinet made of solid wood can vary depending on the quality of construction, type of wood used, and maintenance. Generally, a well-crafted solid wood file cabinet can last for several decades with proper care. Proper handling, avoiding exposure to sunlight or excessive moisture, and regular cleaning and dust removal are critical factors in extending the cabinet’s lifespan. Investing in a high-quality, solid wood cabinet from a reputable brand and performing routine maintenance can ensure a longer lifespan for your filing cabinet.

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