White Cake Stands

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11 min readJun 18, 2024


Indulge your sweet tooth with our roundup of the best white cake stands on the market. From elegant to rustic, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options that are sure to make your desserts the centerpiece of any occasion. Dive into our selection and find the perfect stand to showcase your culinary creations.

The Top 5 Best White Cake Stands

  1. Beaded White Cake Stand with Modern Foot — Raise your desserts to the next level with the Beaded Cake Stand, Threshold’s elegant and versatile white porcelain centerpiece, perfect for any occasion!
  2. Elegant White Pedestal Cake Stand for Every Occasion — Transform your dessert presentations with this elegant and sturdy White Melamine Cake Stand, perfect for any occasion.
  3. Martha Stewart Patterson 10" White Cake Stand — Bring elegance and style to your table with the Martha Stewart Patterson 10" White Round Stoneware Cake Stand, perfect for showcasing your culinary creations and impressing guests.
  4. White Celebrate It 12-inch Food-safe Dolomite Cake Stand — Impress your guests with the 12-inch White Ceramic Cake Stand from Celebrate It, featuring food-safe dolomite construction and perfect for showcasing party treats.
  5. Martha Stewart White Stoneware Cake Stand with Pedestal Base for Timeless Serving — Elevate your baked creations with the timeless elegance of Martha Stewart’s White Stoneware Cake Stand & Server, offering a stable base and a charming serving experience.

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Beaded White Cake Stand with Modern Foot


Though the Threshold Beaded Cake Stand in white may come across as a simple and elegant piece of décor, it delivers exceptional functionality and aesthetics that any homeowner would appreciate. With a porcelain build that gives it a certain finesse, the cake stand offers a wide foot for added stability when holding multiple tiered confections.

The stand’s sturdy construction makes it a perfect fit for everyday use as a centerpiece with candles or flowers. You won’t have to worry about the stand not being level as it can accommodate multiple heights for tiers of cakes. It’s also designed to be dishwasher-safe for ultimate convenient during party cleanup.

While the porcelain model is round in shape, it ensures that it’s not too heavy-handed in its design. With dimensions of 5.75 inches in height, 13 inches in width, and 13 inches in depth, it makes a statement piece, without taking up too much table or kitchen counter space.

Users highlighted the attractive and sturdy nature of the stand, the well-made design, and the ease of the cleaning process. However, there were concerns regarding the lack of quality control in terms of potential manufacturing defects, which could make the top surface uneven or hinder the stability of the stand when in use.

In conclusion, the Threshold Beaded Cake Stand is a stunning design, with its smooth top and dishwasher safe functionality. Though it has minor flaws with quality control and some may find it slightly larger than expected, the beauty and functionality of this stand make it an attractive addition to any kitchen or dining table.

Elegant White Pedestal Cake Stand for Every Occasion


Bring elegance and sophistication to your parties with our White Pedestal Cake Stand. This versatile and durable addition to your serving lineup is perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, making it the ideal choice for your culinary showcase.

Crafted from durable melamine, this stand offers both style and practicality. Its classic, clean design adds a touch of refinement to your table, while the sturdy construction ensures that your sweet treats are safely displayed. The stand is an impressive 11.5" wide and 8" tall, providing ample space for large cakes or smaller desserts, and is designed to create a captivating presentation.

One of the standouts of this White Pedestal Cake Stand is its ease of use and detachable base, making storage an absolute breeze. Its top rack dishwasher-safe feature also saves time and effort after your event. Overall, this melamine cake stand is an excellent choice for any host or hostess seeking to elevate their dessert presentations.

Customers who have used this stand have praised its sturdy build, ease of assembly, and impressive appearance. A reliable and stylish addition that turns heads, the White Pedestal Cake Stand is perfect for creating memorable moments at your next gathering.

Martha Stewart Patterson 10" White Cake Stand


The Martha Stewart Patterson Cake Stand is a beautiful addition to any kitchen or dining table. With its 10-inch stoneware base and glossy white finish, it’s perfect for showcasing your favorite baked goods or as a centerpiece for fresh fruits and vegetables. At 5.1 inches high, this elegant cake stand offers a sturdy footed design for stability and impressive presentations.

Designed by Martha Stewart, the Patterson Cake Stand is a prime example of timeless serving pieces with ruffled designs that skirt around the edge, giving it a classic appeal. The fine ceramic craftsmanship and high-gloss finish make this cake stand a premium piece to elevate your everyday homemaking and seasonal entertaining.

The stand is versatile and can be mixed and matched with other tabletop pieces from Martha Stewart to express your personal style. You can even stack multiple cake stands to create tiered serving pieces for your favorite desserts or appetizers.

To maintain the beauty of the Patterson Cake Stand, it must be hand washed, ensuring its longevity and exceptional performance for years to come. With its graceful design and exquisite craftsmanship, this cake stand is an essential addition to any kitchen collection.

White Celebrate It 12-inch Food-safe Dolomite Cake Stand


When I first used the Celebrate It Ceramic Cake Stand, I was immediately impressed by its elegant and timeless design. I’ve been using it at parties and events, and it has never failed to impress my guests with its stunning white form and seamless food-safe properties. The 12-inch diameter is perfect for showcasing various treats, from cupcakes to finger sandwiches and more.

Although I don’t mind that it’s a bit heavy and has no extra embellishments, its strength and simplicity add to its charm. One minor issue I faced was that the cake platter was slightly larger than the stand, making it a snug fit.

However, given its great quality and affordable price, I would highly recommend this ceramic cake stand to anyone celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to enhance their dessert display.

Martha Stewart White Stoneware Cake Stand with Pedestal Base for Timeless Serving


Martha Stewart’s 12" x 5.7" Stoneware Cake Stand with Server, in pristine white, has been my trusted companion for a few weeks now. The round, elegant piece of stoneware makes a stunning display for any dessert, big or small.

The stand’s pedestal foot is sturdy and provides a solid foundation for the cake, leaving a lasting impression when it comes to presentation. However, the lack of a dome cover was a minor inconvenience, as it left me with no choice but to use a plastic covering to preserve leftover cakes.

Despite the weight offering stability, it can be challenging to carry with one hand, especially for those with arthritic hands like mine. The ceramic serving knife that comes with the set is a nice touch, but it tends to leave crumbs stuck in between slices, making it less effective than a perforated knife.

The “Hand wash only” instruction caught me by surprise, as it seemed a bit harsh for a kitchenware product. Nonetheless, this classic cake stand certainly does add a touch of elegance to any room, and I would gladly gift it to someone special.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for a white cake stand, you’ve come to the right place. This buyer’s guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase. We’ll discuss important features to consider, general advice, and tips for finding the perfect white cake stand for your needs.

Material and Design

One of the first considerations when choosing a white cake stand is the material and design. Stands can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, or metal. Each material has its pros and cons. For example, glass cake stands are elegant and easy to clean, but they can be heavy and prone to cracking. Plastic stands are lightweight and affordable, but may not be as durable as other options. Metal stands are sturdy and can come in various designs, but they might require more care during cleaning.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the cake stand are also important factors to consider. Measure the height and diameter of your cake before making a purchase. This will help you find a stand that can accommodate your cake comfortably. Additionally, consider the shape of the stand. Round stands are versatile and can suit any cake shape, while square stands can add an modern or minimalist touch.

Stability and Durability

A cake stand’s stability and durability are crucial. Look for stands with a wide base or weighted bottom to prevent wobbling or tipping. Also, consider the material’s durability. A good quality white cake stand should be able to withstand everyday use without showing signs of wear and tear quickly. Look for positive reviews or warranties from the manufacturer to ensure you’re getting a reliable product.

Additional Features

Some white cake stands come with additional features, such as detachable tiers, adjustable height levels, or locking mechanisms. These features can be handy in certain situations, but may not be necessary for all users. Think about how often you’ll be using the stand and what features would be most beneficial to you before making a decision.


What is a white cake stand?

A white cake stand is a type of baking or serving stand that is typically designed with a white finish. It is commonly used to display and serve cakes, desserts, or pastries, and can be made from different materials such as ceramic, plastic, or metal. These stands come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making them suitable for different occasions and events.

They often feature a flat, level base and a raised, circular or rectangular platform for the cake or dessert to sit on. Some stands also have decorative elements, such as a pedestal or fluted detailing, that can enhance the overall appearance of the dessert being served. White cake stands are popular choices for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events where presentation is important.

What materials are white cake stands made from?

White cake stands can be made from a variety of materials, including ceramic, plastic, and metal. Ceramic stands are popular due to their durability and classic appearance. They are typically glazed or painted white and can be found in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. Ceramic stands are suitable for both cooking and serving.

Plastic standing cake stands are often more budget-friendly and lightweight compared to their ceramic counterparts. They are also easy to clean and maintain. However, plastic stands may not be as durable or heat-resistant as ceramic or metal stands. Metal stands are often used for commercial or professional bakeries due to their strength and durability. They are typically lightweight and easy to clean, and can come in different finishes, including white.

How do I clean a white cake stand?

To clean a white cake stand, it is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow any specific recommendations for the material used. Here are some general cleaning tips for common materials used in white cake stands:

  1. For ceramic stands, most can be cleaned using warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the finish. 2. For plastic stands, warm soapy water can be used, but avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners. For stubborn stains or baked-on food, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner or a soft-bristled toothbrush. 3. For metal stands, you can use warm, soapy water to clean the surface, but avoid abrasive cleaners. For tough stains or baked-on food, a household cleaner like baking soda and vinegar can be effective.

After washing the stand, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and dry it completely to prevent water spots or stains. Some stands may require special care, such as hand-washing or avoiding harsh chemicals, so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best cleaning method for your specific stand.

What is the average size of a white cake stand?

The size of a white cake stand can vary depending on its design, material, and intended use. However, a standard size for a white cake stand is around 12 inches in diameter and 4–6 inches in height. This size is suitable for most cake sizes and can accommodate one to two tiered cakes. Some stands may be smaller or larger, depending on the specific model, so it is essential to check the dimensions before purchasing to ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

It is also worth considering the overall weight and stability of the stand when choosing a size. A larger stand may be more stable, but it can be heavier and more difficult to move or store if needed. A smaller stand, on the other hand, may be more portable and convenient for transporting or storing, but it may not be as suitable for larger cakes or more elaborate displays.

What is the best material for a white cake stand?

The best material for a white cake stand depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Ceramic stands are durable, stylish, and heat-resistant, making them a popular choice for home use or professional baking. Plastic stands can be more affordable and lightweight, but may not be as durable or heat-resistant as ceramic or metal stands.

Metal stands are often used in commercial or professional settings due to their durability, strength, and lightweight nature. They are also available in different finishes, including white. However, metal stands may require more maintenance than other materials, such as cleaning to prevent oxidation or tarnishing. Ultimately, the best material for your white cake stand will depend on your specific requirements and personal preferences.

How can I make my white cake stand look more elegant?

There are several ways to make your white cake stand look more elegant, depending on the occasion and the overall design of the stand. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Choose a stand with a classic, timeless design that will complement the cake or dessert being served. Simple shapes, such as round or square platforms, can create a more elegant and understated look. 2. Consider incorporating decorative elements, such as fluted detailing or a pedestal, to add visual interest and make the stand stand out. 3. Pair the cake stand with matching or complementary servingware, such as plates, cups, or utensils, to create a cohesive and sophisticated look. 4. For special occasions, consider adding fresh flowers, candles, or other decorative elements to the stand to enhance the overall presentation.

Remember that less is often more when it comes to cake stands, and a simple, elegant design can make the cake or dessert the true centerpiece of the display. By focusing on the overall aesthetic of the stand and the accompanying decor, you can create a visually stunning and elegant display for your dessert.

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